Stacked 4×6 Inch Portrait

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“Stacked” is a standing, full body side profile similar to those that describe your breed’s standard for the Kennel Club. You can see a dog in this pose within the show rings – it shows off the dog’s anatomy and conformation. I can work with slight deviations from the pose, but I need this specific “stacked” style for the projects I have in mind. If yours is at an angle, in motion, head turned facing the camera etc, it won’t work for what I need.

These stacked drawings could eventually become the following: Breed Profile Prints, Pawtune Cookie Cards (Pop Up Accordion Cards),  Foiled Silhouette cards……….. and hopefully soon… Cookie Cutters (yummm! cookies!)

Collectively they will also form parts of ranges including “Star Spanieled Banner” as pictured, and “Santa Paws is Coming To Town” where they’ll be pulling a sleigh laden with doggy shaped presents 😀

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