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  • A-ki-ta My Heart
  • Painting the Town Red
  • Czechmate
  • Rogues de Bordeaux
  • Newfound Freedom
  • Oh When the Saints
  • In a Pinsch
  • Stuck in the Mittel with You
  • Cuckoo Kooiks
  • My Heart Schipps a Beat
  • Dinmonts are a Girl's Best Friend
  • Kerry on my Wayward Son
  • Reach for the Skye
  • I'm a Barbet Girl
  • Don't go Bracco My Heart
  • The Munster Mash
  • Woah Griffon on a Prayer
  • Ain't No Tollerback Girl
  • Tea and Cuclumber Sandwiches
  • Clumber Slumber Party
  • Long Weim No See
  • That's the Sound of the Puli
  • Holding out for a Heeler
  • Not this Card-Again
  • Affen a Laugh
  • The Powderpuff Girls
  • Chin Chin!
  • Min Pin Bowling
  • Russian Toy Roulette
  • Phantoms of the Opera
  • American Bullies TBN
  • Pittie Party
  • How Lowchen Can You Go
  • Parson the Parcel
  • AbSaluki Fabulous
  • Xs and Olos
  • Welsh Terriers - TBN
  • Podencos - TBN
  • Head, Shoulders, Maltese and Toes
  • Chow Chow Slide
  • Aire-Heads
  • I love Sprock and Roll
  • Euramazing
  • I Laika Big Dogs and I Cannot Lai
  • Who Am I to DisaBriard?
  • Catahouligans
  • Rough Collies - TBN
  • Borzoi
  • Why Don't You Come On Over Vallhundrie
  • Signed, Sealyed, Delivered, I'm Yours
  • The Village Peeble
  • Lapp of Honour
  • Kelpie
  • Wire Vizslas
  • Alaskan Klee Kais
  • Papillion
  • Can't Help Phalene in Love
  • SRHP
  • Sealyed with a Kiss

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If you’d like your dog to be drawn at a discounted price in order to be a party guest for my funny named groups, then here’s where to grab one! Your portrait will be drawn on a 4×6 inch portrait, scanned, and you will then receive the original drawing! Your digital scanned pet will be added on the computer to the master image with the others of it’s breed.


Party hats, streamers, christmas snowflakes and santa hats will be added for Christmas and Birthday cards! And the plain image will be used for mugs, tote bags and teatowels!