About Me


I am a full time pet portraitist, and My Studio is in Hampshire, UK, near Stonehenge! I live with “Mr Amber Marie” and a frequent visiting Westie called Muffy. 

I specialise in a medium that most wouldn’t consider to be a drawing tool – a biro! I also use coloured pencils to soften the look, and add colours that are impossible in my preferred pens.

I love to create life-like portraits of all creatures great and small directly from your favourite photos. These drawings can be then printed onto a huuuuuuge range of custom items such as cushions, mugs and even fairy lights! I have completed portraits of rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, horses, british wildlife and even unicorns in the past, but I dedicate most of my studio time to dogs. Even your own pets can be printed onto my entire range – fancy your pooch on a teatowel? You’re in the right place!

I’m currently working towards having a Summer House in the garden, perfect for an open studio, where you can visit, browse items for sale, chat, have a coffee, view my gallery, watch me work and meet my future pupstar (breed to be determined!). But until then, I will be working from the second bedroom in our very small flat!

I’d absolutely LOVE to see a photo of your pets!!! Feel free to join the group below by clicking the image, and become one of my extra special Biro Buddies! Inside the group there are exclusive discounts, reveals, sneak peeks and even designs and products only available to Buddies! As well as being a lovely community to meet like-minded animal lovers!